Professional Driver Edition

Welcome to Uber Tax Help

This online resource helps new (and existing) Uber operators to understand and navigate through the provincial and federal tax regulations that apply to self-employed Uber drivers.

The information and tools available on this resource site has been assembled by a team of tax professionals, industry personnel, and application engineers to assist Uber operators in organizing their business practices, finances, and taxes.

To be successful in any endeavor, an individual must be aware of the rules and regulations applicable to their industry. Uber itself, is a new and unique industry.

For Uber operators who do not have adequate knowledge about tax regulations that govern GST/HST application, self-employment registration, and monetary tracking and planning, it may feel like operating in the realm of uncertainty.

How do these resources help me?

The resources available here will help you to:

  • Understand GST/HST law applicable to all Uber operators in any specific Canadian province.
  • Create self-employment best practices for self-employed proprietors.
  • Effectively manage the money from your Uber earnings.
  • Have access to user-friendly and powerful tools to track your expenses, available deductions, revenues, GST/HST owing, and taxable income.
  • Increase savings for your valuable time and money.
  • Take away second-guessing and doubt so you can focus more on your Uber business’s daily operations.